5 Ways Local SEO Help Realtors in Austin


As a realtor, you have a highly-local business in Austin. You typically work with clients within a relatively specific geographic area: usually only a handful of cities – or 1 big city and numerous suburbs – where you buy and sell properties.

Are you hoping to increase your reach?

Do you want to do a better job of attracting local clients from Austin? Understanding how local SEO helps realtors can help you do a better job of reaching out to your preferred audience. Local SEO is designed to target a specific geographic area.

By claiming your Google My Business listing, focusing on acquiring reviews from locals in your area, and targeting local search terms, as well as investing in local SEO marketing campaigns, you can raise your odds of successfully developing your local search ranking and developing a better understanding of exactly what your real estate clients from Austin need most from you.


1. Local SEO Helps Target the Right Audience in Austin

Local SEO in Austin

SEO is critical for your real estate company in Austin, just as it is for any other business. When it comes to real estate, however, targeting local SEO is even more important. You don’t need clients who are looking for realtors counties and even states away from you. The further out your properties are located, the more time you’re going to spend in your car – and in many cases, the properties you are offered are simply undesirable.

Not only that, while it’s great to offer tips and tricks that can help anyone move or that can help people learn how to sell their home, the most valuable traffic to your website is traffic moving into or out of your local area. A focus on local SEO helps you target exactly the clients who will be most likely to ultimately purchase a property through you, rather than simply attracting random hits to your website.


2. Local SEO Targets Exactly the Way Your Clients Search in Austin

search what your clients search in Austin

Today’s real estate clients in Austin are searching any time, anywhere. They’re on their lunch breaks, commuting to and from work, or sitting on the couch browsing for new listings or new realtors as they relax at the end of the evening. Chances are, they are not going to call up a realtor recommended by a friend or one in the Yellow Pages; rather, they’re going to contact the one they found online.

Potential clients are going to check out your search ranking, browse through your posts, and take a look at the listings you’ve highlighted. They’re going to read through your reviews and discover how past clients felt about working with you. All of these things help build customer confidence – and it starts with them being able to find you.

By focusing on Austin local SEO, you increase the odds that when interested clients search for realtors in your target geographic area, they’ll find you.


3. Focus on Local SEO Helps Move You to Google’s 3-Pack in Austin

google map pack seo listing in Austin

Do you know what Google’s 3-pack is? As you consider how local SEO helps realtors from Austin, you will likely discover the importance of the 3-pack: the top three results highlighted by Google at the top of a local search. These three results appear in their own separate section, highlighted by Google so that they will draw more attention from potential clients.

If you want to draw client attention and increase the odds that you’ll get that important click, focus on local SEO is critical. If you have not claimed your Google My Business link, updated all of your information, and taken the other steps necessary to improve your local search ranking, you probably won’t appear in that important location. That means countless opportunities to attract clients to your real estate business lost – and worse, you’ll never even know about those lost opportunities.



4. Your Local Search Ranking is an Inexpensive Advertising Opportunity in Austin

inexpensive seo opportunity in Austin

Marketing budgets are often tight for realtors especially when advertising client properties and your own business in Austin. Chances are, you want to maximize the return on your marketing investment as much as possible. Fortunately, local SEO efforts can help you do exactly that. Often, local SEO is one of the cheapest – and yet most effective – forms of advertising available.

Whether you chose to delve into paid ads to help expand your reach until you’re able to build your organic ranking or you simply focus on raising your organic ranking through stunning content, you’ll find that local SEO offers plenty of inexpensive opportunities to expand your advertising reach and do a better job of getting your business noticed in Austin.

Creating stunning content helps you build your authority as a realtor even as you raise your local search ranking. The reviews you gather from satisfied clients can also help expand your future reach and make it easier for future searchers to learn more about your business. When you invest in Austin local SEO, you aren’t just making a wise financial decision for the present of your real estate business. You are also investing in your future.


5. Local SEO Efforts Help Drive Client Decisions in Austin

affecting customer decision in Austin


Buying a house or property is a big decision for your clients in Austin. Even if the decision is not necessarily permanent, they want to make sure they’re making a wise one – and if they’re using you as their realtor, they need to trust that you will guide them to the property that’s right for them. As you work to build your local search engine ranking, you also have the opportunity to continue to build available information about your business. You can share information like your hours, your specialties, and the areas you generally operate in.

You can provide access to reviews from prior clients and offer more information about how you handle matching clients with listings or your success rate when it comes time to sell a house in Austin. In short, you can provide potential clients with all the information they need to make a decision about you as a realtor – and as a result, you increase the odds that they will choose you.

If you haven’t taken advantage of SEO for your real state business in Austin, it’s time to get serious about it. A focus on local SEO has many advantages for you as a realtor – and it’s important that you don’t miss out.